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Sta-Rite SuperMax VS Variable Speed Pump - 110v/230v
Sta-Rite SuperMax VS

Sta-Rite SuperMax VS Variable Speed Pump - 110v/230v

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Sta-Rite SuperMax VS swimming pool pump bring the remarkable energy cost savings of variable speed technology to standard pools at an affordable price. They slash energy costs by up to 80% while helping to keep your pool sparkling clean and inviting. Sta-Rite SuperMax VS pump come to you from the trusted leader that launched variable speed technology to the swimming pool industry years ahead of every other pump manufacturer. No wonder we still outsell all other variable speed pumps. The Sta-Rite SuperMax VS pump is easy to install. Its advanced digital display also makes it easy to use, and unlike others, you don’t have to buy and install a separate timer.

  • Includes 1.5" x 2" unions.
  • The Sta-Rite SuperMax VS pump costs significantly less to operate because its variable speed technology moves water more efficiently at lower speeds.
  • ideal for standard pools requiring up to 1.5 hp pump.
  • Affordable for new and standard pool pump replacement applications.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface displays watts, RPM, current time and remaining program duration.
  • Easy-to-access electrical connections for simple installation.
  • Direct...and superior drop-in replacement for the Hayward Super Pump.

For pool owners who want to step-up to the energy savings of variable speed technology, the Sta-Rite SuperMax VS pump is the wise choice. It will save up to 80% on operating energy costs versus standard single-speed pumps. And the Sta-Rite SuperMax VS pump is engineered for easy installation, simple operation, and trouble-free service.

  • Three operating speed settings plus override capability.
  • Wiring is easy and unlike other pumps, the electronic board is not exposed to exterior elements at installation.
  • 115/230 volts, 50/60 Hz single phase.
  • UL 60730 Compliant.
  • Ultra-quiet TEFC motor.

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