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Hayward OmniLogic - Swimming Pool Control System

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Hayward OmniLogic is the simplest, most intuitive swimming pool automation system ever.

Designed to minimize maintenance and make your backyard paradise easy to enjoy, Hayward OmniLogic was built to meet your needs. With Hayward OmniLogic, you can expect to:

Eliminate complexity. With the most intuitive, icon-based user interface on the market right on the base unit, set your controller to fit YOUR needs and preferences quickly and easily. Setting up familiar names for pool and spa features, as well as other automated activities eliminates guessing games.

Customize to fit your lifestyle. Adjustable Favorites buttons allow you to set the features you use the most at your fingertips. And with dramatically expanded backyard themes, each family member has the ability to personalize themes for custom ambiance.

Minimize Maintenance. Designed to be salt-ready, and compatible with Sense & Dispense, let Hayward OmniLogic keep your chemicals perfectly balanced. Easily set schedules and maximize energy efficiency for cleaning and filtration processes.

Easily Expand. Thinking about adding a water feature? Possibly more landscape lighting? Hayward OmniLogic can accommodate you. With simple expansion hardware, it's easy to seamlessly add features – from heaters to pumps to lighting.

Stay Cutting Edge. Hayward OmniLogic is designed and engineered to advance with automation technology. The system's unique architecture allows for effortless access to the latest software upgrades, new capabilities, or even restoration of previous configurations.

Conveniently control your world. Seamlessly access your backyard via your mobile device, smart tablet, home network, wireless and wired remotes, or the base unit itself depending on where you are or what you're doing.

When you choose Hayward OmniLogic, you choose sophisticated simplicity. You choose to not only make your backyard easier to maintain, but easier to enjoy.